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Fun Fantasy Ritual known more commonly as “FFR” was an idea that was created to invoke creativity and inspiration by turning the commonplace into extraordinary.

Too often, individuals whether just dating or those in relationships find themselves in a familiar rut of doing the same mundane activities and searching for that elusive spark that keeps dates fresh and vibrant.

FFR is a community committed to sharing wonderful ideas about activities and events that can be created for themselves with their partners, their friends, and/or with their family.

Our mission is to assist individuals to be the very best version of themselves in order to create relationships (lover, friend, family) that bring more connection, love and passion into their lives.


We are best friends, and soul mates who for the past 3 years have committed to each creating one Fun Fantasy Ritual (“FFR”) for the other each month.  We actually signed a contract with each other.  We’re serious about this! We’ve decided to share experiences we’ve created with you, as well as suggestions and ideas to create some magical experiences to enhance your relationship.  We hope you enjoy the ideas, and if you like what we share, pass it on.

Dana and Martin

Martin Kupper


I am a connector of relationships that ignite passion, purpose and possibility!

Dana Lam

Chief Entertainment Officer

I am passionate about inspiring you to live a life you love and to master your destiny!

Lyle Rex

Fun Director

As the Fun Fantasy Ritual Fun Director, I am committed to assisting you in making all of your dreams come true.